A Brief History

The ScanPost -  The website for the Nordic community in Luxembourg and anyone interested in the Nordic countries is re-launched on the 1st of December.

New Look- The ScanPost continues to feature captivating articles about a wide variety of subjects, to provide entertaining and gripping interviews with personalities from the Nordic community and keeps you updated on what’s on amongst the Nordics.

Will we manage? - Yes with your help we will. Any Amusing, Intriguing, Provocative, Fascinating, Unusual and Refreshing information that you would like to share with the Nordic community – Contact Us.

Do you have a company? - You can advertise your business in The ScanPost. Please contact us for a discussion and pricing.

Nordic Activities? - If you represent a Nordic Society in Luxembourg get in touch to promote your activity and your events.

Contact us:

E-mail to: Beate Ludovicy-Blom


Phone: +352 621 25 39 51

E-mail to: Patrik Österblad


Phone: +352 621 38 70 59